My Terms of Service (TOS)

Section 1- TOS

1.0 - By purchasing from me, you automatically agree to this terms of service document.

1.1 - I reserve the right to change these terms at any time, without notice to any future/current clients.

1.2 - “on-site” refers to the site .

1.3 - “scam report” refers to the scam reporting system used on the site, a scam resolver will try to sort out the situation and use a permanent ban if necessary.

Section 2 - Orders

2.0 - By purchasing from me, I have the right to use your order as past work in my portfolio, the files or code will not be released online.

2.1 - I reserve the right to not deal with you, the final decision will be made by me as to if we deal or not.

2.2 - If I feel a project is too hard, or too time consuming I have the right to deny a project, even after work has started but a refund will be provided.

2.3 - After the order is completed, the client has no right to a refund.

2.4 - Changes will be made if I decide to, however may not be needed to if all details are given up-front.

2.5 - By purchasing from me, you have no right to chargeback through the PayPal platform, please read Section 4 on fraudulent crimes and how they will be reported.

Section 3 - Payments

3.0 - All payments must be sent through PayPal (Friends and Family).

3.1 - After ordering, the client must pay at least a 25% downpay of the final amount for work to start.

3.2 - There is no alternative to the 25% downpay, the client has the option to pay the full amount upfront if requested.

3.3 - After the item has been sent to the client, the other 75% of the final payment is required immediately, if a client refuses please see section 4 on frauds.

Section 4 - Frauds

4.0 - By purchasing from me, I have the right to use data collected about you in a legal matter or an on-site scam report.

4.1 - Any chargebacks through the PayPal platform will be dealt with by PayPal being contacted and an on-site scam report.

4.2 - I reserve the right to pursue the case by taking legal action, if a fraudulent crime is committed.

4.3 - Scam reports will be opened in all fraudulent cases, and once opened these will not be closed if a crime was still attempted.

4.4 - Fraudulent matters will not just be reported if they are committed, any attempted frauds will also be dealt with on-site.

Last Review: 10/7/2017